Sri Lankan Buddhists

Sri Lankan Buddhists are considered as one of first largest ethnic group in Sri Lanka with 70.2% of the total population. According to the records of 2012 census there are about 14,222,844 persons adhering the religion Buddhism. Sri Lanka has been considered as the one of the largest continuous history of Buddhism of any other nations in the world.

Who are Buddhists?

A Buddhists is an individual who follows the religion Buddhism. The Buddhists believes in the 8 fold path that which leads to the end of suffering. Also belief in the 5 main percepts which are  not to take the life of another living thing, not to take any things except your own, avoid from sexual misconduct and sensual depravity, to avoid from unbelievable speech, to avoid from intoxication, that is losing the mindfulness.

What is Buddhism?

Buddhism is a religion that is followed by about nearly 300 million people in around the world. Do you know how the word “Buddhism” came? It came from a word “Budhi” which means to “awaken”. This religion has its origin from about 2,500 years ago, at the beginning when Siddhartha Gautama, who I known as the Buddha, was himself evoke (enlightened) at the age 35.

Modern Sri Lanka

The Sri Lankan Buddhists use the Language Sinhala as their primary and official language while the English is considered as the second language. Sri Lankan Buddhist is densely spread in all the provinces such as Central Province; Matale and Kandy, Southern Province; Galle and Matara, and in eastern provinces. Buddhists are mainly concentrated in areas such as Colombo, Kalutara, Kandy and Matale. In modern Sri Lanka there are also special Buddhists schools in areas such as western, southern and central part of the province.

Spreading of Buddhism in Sri Lanka

This religion came to Sri Lanka through the Indian emperor Ahsoka’s son Arahath Mahinda. He led to Sri Lanka in 246 BC which turned the Devanampiya Tissa, the Sri Lankan king to Buddhism. A sapling of Bodhi tree known as Jaya Sri Maha Bodhi was brought by Arahath Sanghamitra, the daughter of the Indian king Ashoka. This sapling was planted in the area Anuradhapura which is in North central province in the Mahameghavana Park by the king Devanampiya Tissa.

The Arahath Sanghamitra also well established the introduction of nuns in Sri Lanka. It was the beginning, and then onwards the noble families started to inspire the spreading of Buddhism in Sri Lanka, by promoting and conducting Buddhists Missionaries and Constructing monasteries and sacred buildings such as temples etc…. The Buddhism became the official religion in Sri Lanka by the 200 BC.Then by the 4th century the sacred tooth relic was brought through prince Dantha and Princess Hemamaali. Sri Lanka became a country which has a longest endless history of Buddhism of Buddhist country.


Sri Lankan Buddhists are the followers of Buddhism. They use their language mother tongue Sinhala as their primary and official language. According to the religious base, followers of Buddhism are the biggest community in Sri Lanka. Most of them are followers of Buddhism and then comes the other religions.