Sri Lankan Muslims

Sri Lankan Muslims are considered as one of the third largest ethnic group in Sri Lanka with 9.6% of the total population. According to the records of 2012 census about 1,967,227 persons are adhering in Islam as their religion.

Who are Muslims?

Muslims are the people those who belief in the religion Islam. They worship the one and only God Allah and respect the holy Prophet Muhammed, peace be upon him (pbuh).They also belief Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) as the last Prophet. Also believe in all the Prophets who were before the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and the holy Quran. The important of all six faiths in Islam is belief in the Day of Judgment. Believe in angels also believe in predestination.

Modern Sri Lanka

The Sri Lankan Moors use the Tamil language as their Primary language, the Arabic language brought by the Arab trader sometime between the 8th and 15th century is no longer spoken. However they use the Arabic phrases and words are still used in Sri Lanka but Arabic language is not considered as their official language.

Sri Lankan Muslims are mostly in urban areas in the southern parts, central and eastern provinces. Also the moors in the western part are mostly traders. Sri Lankan Muslims are also mainly concentrated in areas such as Colombo, Kalutara, Puttalam, Beruwala, Mannar and Jaffna. Those in central and southern parts widely use Sinhala language.

In modern Sri Lanka there are many Muslim schools in Western, Southern and central that offer education in both Sinhala and Tamil Medium. There are also Madrasahs conducted for Muslim students in Sinhala Language. In modern Sri Lanka, Muslims have their own Muslim Religious and Cultural Affairs Department established in 1980s

How Islam was transmitted in Sri Lanka

Around 15th century, the Arab from Middle East ,who engage in trading had much control of all trades on the Indian Ocean as well as Sri Lanka.The traders often comes to Sri Lanka to engage in trade as well as to rest them. After some period of time many of these Arab traders settled in Sri Lanka, with the hope of spreading of Islam. However with the arrival of Portuguese to Sri Lanka during 16th century, the Arabs were harass forced them to move to the central province and to the eastern coast.

The lists of Sri Lankan Muslims

There is a list of Sri Lankan Moors, Arab traders who settled in Sri Lanka during the 8th and 25th century. Among them are the some musician Mohideen Baig, a popular Sri Lankan Musician and some politicians like Rauf Hakeem, Leader of Sri Lankan Muslim Congress, Mohamed Rajabdeen , a member of the Sri Lankan parliament etc………….


Sri Lankan Moors are follower of Islam, since that the cultural identity is firmly explained by their religion Islam. Unlike the Arabians Sri Lankan moors doesn’t use the Arabic language, they are used to their mother tongue Sinhala language.