Sri Lankan Army

The Sri Lankan Army is one of the earliest and best of Sri Lanka’s armed services. It was well established a Royal Ceylon Army in 1949, it was renamed again on 1972 when Sri Lanka became republic.

History of Sri Lankan Army

The first battle was held in Sri Lanka by the arrival of King Vijaya, who is a Bengal prince who came to rest on the Island along with his 700 followers around 543 BC. They occupied the lands of the Veddah people. In one of the famous encounter, The Sinhalese King Dutugemunu elevated a group of Army of eleven thousand citizens in his battle against the King Elara, Chola Invade who at last was defeated. In this battle, the King Dutugemunu skills, chivalry and bravery are notable to many.

After some periods as we know Sri Lanka was under control of three nations, namely Portuguese in 16th century, by the Dutch in 17th century and finally by the British at the 18th century. During those periods of time Sri Lankan Kings had to face many battles with following nations for their Independence and the rights. Around 1970 Sri Lankan army defeated the insurgency by the Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP).At that time the Army was opposed with a new battle the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE). Since the 1980 Sri Lankan Army undertook many operations against the LTTE, by the major operation plan became a success by the recapturing of Jaffna. Finally by May 19, 2009 the Sri Lankan Army made the Island free of terrorists.

Modern Sri Lankan Army

The Sri Lankan army began around 1881 April 01st. Still then onwards it keeps the pride and maintains it’s Motto “For Country”. Sri Lanka Army is one of the composed units of Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka. There are two special operation units under the Sri Lankan Army. They are Sri Lanka Army Special Forces Regiment (SF) and Sri Lanka Army Commando Regiment. Since there were some inception this unit was gradually expanded as a Brigade which consists of several types of regiments.

There are about 276,700 Army Members approximately, currently they have set 12 divisions and set up 4 more. The lieutenant General Daya Ratnayake is the Commander of Sri Lanka who is the Professional head of the Sri Lankan Army. The president Hon. Mahinda Rajapaksha is the Commander in chief of Sri Lankan Military.  The Headquarters of Army is divided into several branches such as General Staff (GS), Adjutant General (AGs) ,Quarter Master General (QMGs) ,Master General of Ordnance (MGO) ,Military Secretary’s .The each branch has a chief officer, in the post of Major General who is responsible directly to the Commander of the Army. There are also separate Directorates, chief Brigadiers for each branch.


The Sri Lankan Army is the largest of the Sri Lankan Armed Forces which held’s the responsible of land – based military and humanitarian operations. Its original name came by the republic Sri Lanka in 1972.