Sri Lankan Navy

The Sri Lankan Navy is the defense naval arm of the Armed Forces in Sri Lanka. It is classed as one of the most essential protective systemized forces in Sri Lanka.The Sri Lankan Navy was established on the 9th of December 1950.As each force has its mission and role, the Sri Lankan Navy too has its achieved mission which is to conduct rapid and tenable combat the operations in accordance with the national policies of Sri Lanka. Their main role is “Navy is the most vital defense force of an island nation. Their maritime role is to conduct the operations at sea for the defense of the nation and its interests”.

History of the Sri Lankan Navy

It was established as the Ceylon Naval Volunteer Force (CNVF) in 1937. It was renamed as the Ceylon Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve (CRNVR).The Navy Act was accomplished and the Royal Ceylon Navy was formed on the 9th of December 1950.After a while the Royal Ceylon Navy was renamed as the Sri Lankan Navy in 1972.The commander of the Sri Lankan Navy is, the Vice Admiral Jayantha Colombage. There are about 48,000 members of navy, who also celebrate the anniversary on 9th of December (Navy Day).

The major operations performed

The Sri Lankan Navy played a major role in supporting all the dominant operations performed by the Army. Operations are the JVP Insurrection during (1971-1972), The Eelam War I in (1976-1987), The Eelam War II (1990-1995), The Eelam War III (1995-2002), The Eelam War IV (2006-2009), The Operation of Riviresa, The Operation of Jayasikurui, The Eastern Theater, The Northern Theater, The operation of  Vadamarachchi, The Operation of Sea Breeze (Sri Lanka), The Operation of Thrividha Balaya, The Operation of  Kinihira, The operation of Anti Arms smuggling and The Operation of Balavegaya.

The Organization of Sri Lankan Navy

The Commander Vice Admiral is the professional head of the Sri Lankan Navy. His responsibility is to conducts the operations and administers the Sri Lankan Navy. The Board of Management includes five General Directors and six Commands known as Naval Area Commands. The Directors are namely Director General (operation), Director General (services), Director General (Engineering), Director General (Electrical & Electronics), Director of General (logistics), and Director of General (general services).


The Sri Lankan Navy is considered as the most essential naval forces in Sri Lanka.The have engaged in many major wars held in Sri Lanka.