Sri Lankan Food

The main food of Sri Lanka is considered to be as Rice and other cereals which are also proved by the writing chronicle sources such as Mahavamsa, Thupavamsa, Chulavamsa, Saddarmaratnavali etc. In addition food item such as fish, eggs, meat, and vegetables are also consumed. There are various methods of cooking which are followed traditionally in Sri Lanka. Rice is the main food which takes the main place to cook in number of methods.

Traditionally followed food

That to be identified as milk rice, tempered rice, rice gruel, ambul bath, cooked rice with bee honey, cooked rice with spices, cooked rice with ghee and rice mixed with cereal etc. They have some traditional gruel prepared with cereal, which are namely Kiri kenda, Lunu Kenda and Kola Kenda (Milk gruel, Salt gruel and Herbal gruel).The gruel are considered to be as the herbal medicine that are grouped as Polpala kenda, Kohila Kenda, Batu kenda, Gotukola kenda, Ranawara kenda and Aba Kenda. The Sri Lankan consume gruel as their morning breakfast too. Milk is a food that has high cultural value in Sri Lanka. Food like string hoppers (Idiappa), Koolaya, Pittu, Rotti, Apa (Hoppers) and wade are some food influenced by India.

String Hoppers (Idiappa)

This is mainly consumed as the Dinner or breakfast. It is used to consume along with mixture of red onions, or lunu miris. This is prepared from rice flour, Coconut milk and yeast. There are various types of hoppers including String hoppers, Milk hoppers, Egg hoppers and sweet tasting hoppers including Vandu Appa and Pani Appa.


It is a dish made with variety of curries that are leftover. These curries are mixed together with the cooked rice which is often served in Hindu Kovil with the Chapatti.


This is known as Mani Pittu. A funnel cake is steamed with a mixture of rice and well grated coconut which comes in cylindrical shape.


Known as Paratha or Chapatti which are some various Rotti made of Pol (Coconut) Rotti.


The most famous well known sweet is Oil Cakes or Kavun which is a cake made of rice flour, treacle and fried deep to a golden brown. Other varieties of Kavun are Handi Kavun, Athirasa, Moong Kavun and Konda Kavun. There are variations in types of food & preparation from one