Sri Lankan Tamils

Sri Lankan Tamils are the people inhabitant to Sri Lanka.The Tamils in Sri Lanka can be categorized into two as Sri Lankan Tamils and The Indian Tamils. The Sri Lankan Tamil can be further categorized based on the regional dispersion, dialects and the culture as Negombo Tamils in the Western part of Sri Lanka, Eastern Tamils in the eastern part, northern or Jaffna Tamil in the Northern part of Sri Lanka.

What is their religion?

Most of the Sri Lankan Tamils were following the Hindu religion, who believes the Shiva. The rest of them are Roman Catholics. The Tamils who follow the religion Roman Catholics are mostly settled in the Western Province of Sri Lanka, while the Hindus are in Northern and Eastern province of Sri Lanka.

What is their language?

The Sri Lankan Tamils use them other tongue Tamil. This language is originated from the neighboring countries like India etc….

Modern Sri Lankan Tamils

Sri Lankan Tamils are also known as “Ilangai thamil” or “Ceylon Tamils”. The modern Sri Lankan Tamils are move down from the location of Jaffna Kingdom. Then the majority of Sri Lankan Tamils live in the Eastern and Northern Province of Sri Lanka and the Indian Tamils live in central Highlands.

The Negombo Tamils are native Sri Lankans, who live in western Puttalam and Gampaha districts. The Tamil Christians (Roman Catholics) are settled in Negombo, Chilaw and Puttalam also in villages. Most of the residents are engage in their business as fishermen’s. The Puttalam District has the highest percentage of Tamils. The Eastern Tamils are settling in areas such as Trincomale, Ampara and Batticaloa districts. Eastern Tamils are engage in agriculture. The Northern Tamils are mostly concentrated in Jaffna, Vavuniya, and Mannar Districts. These Tamils follow a special customary law called “Thesavalamai”.There is about Sri Lanka which has 12.6% of the total population. There are about 2,554,606 persons as per the census of government 2012.

History of Tamils

This is a religion mainly practiced by the Tamils in Sri Lanka, who belong to South India. This religion was practiced on the island before the establishment of Buddhism in 3rd century BC. Around 5th century and 6th century AD, the Cholas of South India around the fifth and the sixth century AD, the Chola dynasties of south India annex the throne of the Sinhalese kingdom and ruled the Island, leading to the extensive number of immigrants  to the northern Sri Lank through south India. Through that way, Tamil was popularized in Sri Lanka and during the regime of Tamil kings; Holy places were generally built. The practice of the religion Hinduism & Roman Catholics was also allowed under the Sinhala kings in the Anuradhapura era.

Vishnu, Shiva, Kali, Ganesha and Skanda are the major Hindu gods that are worshipped in Sri Lanka. The most important religious figure in modern Sri Lanka is Satguru, Shiva Yogaswami of Jaffna. The mystery in 20th century, Yoga Swami was known as the official Satguru and a place of counseling.


The Sri Lankan Tamils culture and their caste are very similar to the Sinhalese ethnics. Most of the Sri Lankan Tamils are Hindus. After Sri Lanka gained independence from Britain the relations ship between the Sinhalese and Tamils strained. Sri Lankan Tamils can be categorized based on the religion, ethnic groups etc.