Weather in sri lanka-Four Main Seasons in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a Tropical climate country; the climate condition of a country depends on its atmospheric elements such as solar radiation, clouds, humidity, temperature and precipitation, wind and its atmospheric pressure. Sri Lanka is located within the tropic between 5o 55 to 9o 51 North latitude and between 79o 42 to 81o 53 East longitude. The climatic seasons of Sri Lanka can be categorized as follows,

  • First Intermonsoon Season
  • Southwest Monsoon Season
  • Second Intermonsoon season
  • Northeast Monsoon Season

First Intermonsoon Season

This is a season exists between March to April which is an uncomfortable conditioned weather with thunder, storm and rain during afternoon and evening hours. During this period the entire south western receives about 20 mm of rainfall.

Southwest Monsoon Season

Southwest monsoon exists between the May to September which is a windy weather during the day and night times. The amount of rainfall that receives is about 100mm to over 3000mm.

Second Intermonsoon season

The second Intermonsoon season exists in October to November which is rain with thunder and storm mostly during the afternoon and evening. The entire island receives a rainfall of about over 400mm.

Northeast Monsoon Season

Northeast Monsoon is a season with dry and cold wind blowing which is a comfortable climate except there is a cold morning hours. The sky is full of clouds and day is full of sunshine.