Sri Lankan Flag

The Sri Lanka flag is known as the Lion Flag. The flag consists of a gold lion that holds a sword in its right paw. Flag has a dark red in color background with four golden Bo leaves, in the four corners. There is yellow border around the background and to its left side are two vertical stripes, green and saffron in color each equal in size. It was adopted on 22 May, 1972 according to the suggestion of the committee appointed by Rt Hon D.S. Senanayake the first prime minister of Ceylon.

Brief history on the Sri Lankan Flag

A flag with the symbol of lion was brought by Vijaya the first king who arrived to Sri Lanka from India during 486 BC. Since then the symbol of lion was widely used and it became a symbol of power and prospect. By 1948 Sri Lankan Flag was officially adapted as the National Flag of Dominion of Ceylon. Afterward the flag underwent frequent changes in 1953 and 1972.

Sri Lankan Flag Symbolizes

The flag represent only the country and its heritage, also a recognizable device that harmonize the opposition races with the majority race. The description of the flag can be listed as below:


  • The lion and its golden color: Represents the strength, Bravery and the Sinhalese ethnicity.
  • The   beard: Represents the purity of words.
  • The lion’s tail: Represents the eight percepts of Buddhism.
  • Curly hair’s on the lions head-Represents the religious observance, wisdom and meditation.
  • The lion’s nose: Represents the intelligence.
  • The lion’s two paws: Represents to the purity in handling wealth.
  • The four Bo leaves at the four corners: Represents Buddhism and its four virtues-Kindness, Friendliness, Happiness and equanimity.
  • The sword in the front paw: Represents the sovereignty while sword handle represents the four elements Air, Water, Fire and Earth.
  • The vertical orange strips: Represents the Sri Lankan Tamil ethnicity.
  • The green vertical strips: Represents the Sri Lankan Muslim faith and Moor ethnicity.
  • The dark red color background: Represents the majority of the Sinhalese.
  • The yellow border: Represents the people from all cultures living together with peace and harmony.

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The Sri Lanka flag is known as the Lion Flag as it consists of a golden lion on in front of the dark red in color background.