Where is Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is an Island, which is officially the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka. It is in the Northern part of Indian Ocean, in the southern coast of the Indian Subcontinent, South Asia. The maritime border of Sri Lanka is with the India to the Northwest and Maldives to the Southwest.

Sri Lanka‘s name previously in time

In the ancient times Sri Lanka was named by the several countries for their identification of the nation. The Greek Geographers called as Taprobanne and Arab named to it as Serendip. The Portuguese who arrive in 1505 named it to as Ceilao which was translated in to English as Ceylon.

The Geographical Location

Sri Lanka which is formerly known as Ceylon lies on Indian Tectonic Plate, a secondary plate inside the Indo-Australian Plate. It is located in the Indian Ocean, which is in the southwest to the Bay of Bengal between the Latitudes of 50 and 100 N and in the Longitudes of 790 and 820E.The Gulf of Mannar and Palk Strait separates the Sri Lanka from the Indian Subcontinent. It consist total area of about 65,610km2   with 64,740 km2 of land, 870 km2 of water. The coastline is about 1,340 km long. Tropical Monsoons including the Northeast Monsoon in December to March and Southwest Monsoon in June to October is included in the Sri Lankan climate.

In Sri Lanka Piduruthalagala Mountain is the highest point, which is 2,524.13m (8,281 ft) in height above the sea level. The country consists of most valuable Natural resources which include graphite, gem, limestone, mineral sands, phosphates, clay and hydropower. Sri Lanka has total of 103 rivers, of which the longest of all is the Mahaveli River reaching 335 km including the Malvathu River, Kala Oya, Kelani River, Yan Oya, Deduru Oya, Walawe Ganga, Kalu Ganga, Gin River and Maduru Oya is some of the rivers in Sri Lanka, which are longer than 100 km (62mi).Waterfalls in Sri Lanka which are more than 10m (33ft) in height are Aberdeen Falls, Bambarakanda Falls, Devon Falls, Delta Falls, Doovili Ella, Dessford Falls, Dunhinda Falls, Diyaluma Falls, ST.Clairs Falls, Laxapana Falls, Ramboda Falls, Ravana Falls, Elgin Falls and Bakers Falls. The highest is the Bambarakanda Falls, with the height of 263m.


Sri Lanka is located in Indian Ocean. Thambapanni, Simoundou and India’ Teardrop and Pearl of Indian Ocean are some of other names.